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Enjoy a Beautiful, Straight Smile with Invisalign® at NDHC

An Effective Alternative to Braces
Patients in Grande Prairie and across the surrounding region have come to trust Northern Dental & Hygiene Centre for a complete range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental care. We’re proud to offer Grande Prairie Invisalign®, an effective, stress-free way of achieving a radiant smile.

Invisalign® is an effective alternative to braces. Using a series of custom-moulded clear aligners designed to fit your mouth perfectly, Invisalign® slowly but surely adjusts the position of your teeth to achieve a classically attractive smile.

Benefits of Invisalign®
Patients enjoy many benefits using Invisalign® compared to traditional braces. Perhaps the most important benefit of Invisalign® braces is their practicality; they can be removed at any moment to accommodate all of life’s special moments. Many teenagers are reluctant to get braces, fearing they might disrupt their social life. With practically invisible Invisalign®, that worry is removed completely.

Set up an Initial Consultation
Metal braces can also, over time, irritate your mouth. Because the Invisalign® system can be removed at a moment’s notice, oral irritation can be avoided almost entirely. A straighter smile and a more confident self can be yours. Call NDHC today to set up an initial Invisalign® consultation!