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Don’t Live with Bad Breath: Seek Halitosis Treatments at NDHC

Deep Gum Cleanings to Remove Bacteria & Plaque
Do you suffer from embarrassment due to chronic bad breath odours? If your bad breath doesn’t ever seem to go away, Northern Dental & Hygiene Centre offers halitosis (bad breath) treatments and deep gum cleanings in Grande Prairie to help remove bacteria and plaque build-up between your teeth that may be the cause.

Chronic Halitosis is Quite Common among Adults
While you may be embarrassed, you should know that you’re not alone. Chronic halitosis (bad breath) is actually quite common among adults. However, halitosis is more than just a cause for embarrassment. It can be indicative of several other more serious health issues, including gum disease, diabetes, cavities, yeast infections of the mouth, postnasal drip, chronic acid reflux, liver or kidney problems or a respiratory tract infection such as pneumonia or bronchitis.

Learn More about Halitosis Causes & Symptoms
The types of foods you eat and your oral hygiene habits can also affect your breath and levels of bacteria. To learn more about the causes and symptoms of chronic halitosis or to schedule an appointment for halitosis treatment, please call our office today at 780-532-1786.