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Intra-Oral Digital Imaging Allows More Accurate Assessments

Intra-Oral Cameras Aid in Diagnostics & X-Rays
Intra-oral cameras allow dentists to magnify images on a computer screen to aid in diagnostics and digital x-rays. One of the biggest advantages of digital imaging is that it can be enhanced in multiple ways, including brightness and contrast, colourization, zoom and measurements. Images can now be flipped, magnified, reduced or sharpened. They can also be easily compared before and after a procedure to provide more accurate assessments.

More Possibilities in Our Field than Ever Before
Northern Dental & Hygiene Centre uses intra-oral digital imaging to help us keep permanent records of each patient’s condition prior to beginning treatments. Digital imaging opens up more possibilities for our field than ever before. Please contact our office to learn more about our digital imaging services or to schedule an appointment with us. We’re open Monday through Friday and are always accepting new patients of all ages!