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Northern Dental & Hygiene Centre Provides Custom TMJ Appliances

Custom Appliances to Reduce the Effects of TMJ
Do you constantly grind or clench your teeth due to stress or anxiety? Northern Dental & Hygiene Centre provides custom appliances for patients suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder in Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. If left untreated, a TMJ disorder can wear down your teeth over time, as well as cause severe pain in your jaw, face, head and/or neck. Visiting our dentist for regular check-ups can help us monitor your TMJ symptoms.

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Because we’re dedicated to improving your long-term dental health, NDHC wants to help you find a solution to alleviate your TMJ-related pain. A custom-made mouth guard that fits your teeth can be a simple, yet effective solution. When properly fitted, a mouth guard can help you reduce grinding and clenching, which can also help relax your jaw muscles. Aside from a mouth guard, we may also recommend a splint or surgical treatment to correct a TMJ disorder. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss all of the available options and treatments.